Your Cruise Vacation – Cruise Ship Embarkation Procedures

The Cruise vacation you have been planning for a year is now a reality. You’ve packed your bags with the appropriate clothes for cruise travel. You have filled out all of the cruise documentation, do this at home, don’t wait to get to your cruise ship, and now you are ready for this highly anticipated cruise. There are a few cruises tips about embarkation day that you should know before you head for your cruise vacation.

Keep all of your documents with you, that includes tickets for the cruise, any vouchers, passport and any immigration forms that the cruise line has sent you. That includes bus vouchers from the cruise line that will deliver you to the ship from the airport. In is wise to pack a change of clothes in your carry on in case your baggage gets delayed. If you have purchased the vouchers from the cruise line, a cruise line representative will meet you at baggage claim and take you to the bus or van that will transport you to your cruise ship.

If you decided to handle the transfer on your own, check ahead of time to find out how much a taxi will cost from the airport to the pier. It is good to know how long it will take to make the transfer so you have timed your flights accordingly. Make sure you have attached your cruise line tags with ship name, cruising date, and stateroom number. When you arrive at the pier a porter will relieve of your bags. He will expect to be tipped. The going fare is one dollar per bag.

Cruise tips are always helpful so pay attention to this one. Let the cruise line make your airline reservations. The reason for this is that if your flight is delayed the cruise line will handle it. If there are several other passengers on the same flight the cruise line will delay the departure of the ship. If it’s just you and your traveling companion they will probably put you up in a hotel in the town of your embarkation and get you on the ship at the next port of call. If you opted to do it on your own, you will have to make all those arrangements. So, for safety and peace of mind let the cruise lines do it.

If you have decided to go to the town of embarkation a few days before the cruise, that will not be a problem, so make your own reservations. Some travel insurance companies will pick up these expenses but make sure you read the fine print on the policy BEFORE your cruise vacation.

When you get to your cruise ship, embarkation could be a little chaotic. There will be lines, especially early in the check in process. There will be a lot of stressed out people so just relax and take it in stride. After you have gone through the check in process you will be aboard and your cruise vacations begins. Here is where it pays to have all of your documentation completely filled out. Many of the cruise lines have loyalty programs so if you are a repeat cruiser many times they have preferred check in areas. Many of the cruise lines will have preferred check in for cruisers who have booked suites or mini suites. Check this out with your cruise travel agent.

This is a little off topic but it’s one of the best cruise tips you will hear. Use a cruise travel agent for all of your cruise travel. It is important to deal with an agent that has sailed on many different cruise lines so they can give you an honest opinion on the difference between cruise lines. Check and see if they are CLIA certified cruise lines organization. Be careful they don’t push you onto cruise ships where they have preferred status which means they get a higher commission. Scour the internet for cruise reviews on cruise travel to back up what your travel agent is telling you.

Now back to the pier. While you are checking in you will have to give the cruise line a credit card for any on board charges. Most times your room card is also your credit card and identification for getting on and off at ports while on the cruise ship. If you can get on the ship early in the process you get two benefits. One you get to have lunch and two you get the first shot at spa and beauty appointments. It will also give you time to peruse your cruise ship and then head for the pool. Having been a savvy cruise traveler you knew to bag a bathing suit into your carry on luggage.

Just before you get to the gangway you will be stopped by the ships photographer and a picture will be taken to commemorate your cruise vacation. It will be on display in the ships photo gallery but you are under no obligation to purchase it. Check in procedures will be different from ship to ship even within the same cruise lines. It depends on the experience of the staff and the cooperation of the passengers. Remember that these folks that are checking you in have been working since seven o’clock in the morning off loading the people from last weeks cruise vacation. Then they turn around and start putting on a whole new set of passengers for the next cruise.

The most important advice is to try to keep a cool head. You are headed for the best thing you can imagine, a cruise vacation.

Happy Cruising!

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Cruise Ship Achille – The Cruise Liner With Historical Significance

The Cruise Ship Achille has a background which is steeped in a tragic history that makes people shudder when they think of the incident of brutal hijacking which occured on the high seas over twenty years ago.

The majestic cruise ship Achille which was initially called William Ruys is remembered for the hijacking in 1985. This was a passenger liner and this ship began her maiden voyage in 1947, on December 2. The ship, 192 metres by 25 metres measured 21,450 metric tons. 900 passengers were accommodated on this passenger liner. Equipped with 8 Sulzer engines and 2 propellers, this liner was majestic looking in all aspects.

This ship was sold to Flotta Lauro Line and came to be known as Achille Lauro after the Mayor of Naples. It was rebuilt and a lot of modernization took place. In 1985, October 7, 4 armed terrorists who represented the PLF – Palestine Liberation Front hijacked Achille Lauro, the Italian cruise liner. At that time, hundred very elderly passengers were on the cruise liner. The hijackers had a snarling demand. They wanted Israel to free the prisoners of Palestine and to prove their grit; they killed an American Tourist Leon Klinghoffer 69 year old. The poor old man’s body was flung overboard along with the wheel chair. After two days, the Egyptian government who was unaware that Klinghoffer had been killed provided a safe passage to the hijackers in exchange for the passengers and the ship.

After the murder was discovered, the US Navy Fighters took charge of the Egypt Airliner 737 which was flying the hijackers in order to yield freedom to them in Tunisia, forced the aircraft to land in Sicily. The Italian authorities took charge of the terrorists and convicted them to imprisonment for long time.

The PLO, Palestine Liberation Front was sued for Leon Klinghoffer’s death. After PLO had paid an undisclosed amount to the daughters of Klinghoffer the suit was dropped. The sum was used for funding the Marilyn and Leon Klinghoffer Memorial Foundation. This organization works to fight against the terrorism through education, legal and political endeavors.

The ship continued its service and reflagging happened in 1987. It was then that the Lauro Line became the Star Lauro. In the year 1965, in January, the ship was renamed Achille Lauro after the Lauro Line Managing Director. She was modernized and rebuilt by CN Riuniti di Palermo. There were a lot of significant changes made to the beautiful ship which were the twin funnels and painted blue. There was the Lauro star added. The high funnels were topped by twin funnels, which were topped by smoke dispensers. The promenade deck was made to extend forward with the upper decks were glazed and the hull had been again painted with a blue color. It looked magnificent, and looked much like a very modern liner. In 1994, November, 30 she caught fire off the coast of Somalia. The vessel sank in December 2. With that went a cruise liner, the Cruise Ship Achille which would be known for its historical significance in the years to come.

What You Can Get In Cruise Ship Vacations

In terms of relaxation for some people, cruise vacation offers the most in today’s holiday industry. There are a number of cruise ships from which you can select according to what you desire. You can travel and relax if you take a cruise vacation. All types of people with different preferences can take a cruise vacation. Lone travelers, couples, family and groups can be on cruise vacation and they all have cruise packages prepared to meet their needs .

Family with kids have their packages that will keep kids busy while the adults also have theirs. For couples, the ship have romantic themes ranging from entertainment to dinners. You may have gave through the pamphlet of cruise line or the likes that can give you information and you have not still decided on which cruise to book. Some do not even know the offering a particular ship is marking available.

Well as earlier mentioned, cruise ships vary along with their packages. There are cruise ships with romantic theme and are meant for lovers. Some are meant for the entire family where kids toddlers, teenagers and intermediate can equally catch fun.

For those who have a small budget and want to take a cruise vacation, there is provision for them too. You can find cruise ship that have on board gym, space for all beauty treats, massage and the likes and these services can be compared to anyone you can find anywhere on land. Cruise ship owners face serious competition from rivalry companies and thereby try to give their clients the best by providing the best of facilities and equipments. Equipment such as wall climbing equipment, are even available for rock climbing.

You can also do a jog, get entertained with movies, musical performances, and cultural exhibitions and concerts. You can go to the casino if you feel like gambling a bit. You can meet and wed a man or a woman onboard and so many other things as obtained in the day to day life or land. There is large stateroom and economy class with smaller rooms from which you can choose from. The kids and teenagers are never going to have any dull moments. They have video games, painting and other kiddies related activities to engage in.

Choose a cruise line that you think is suitable for you and have a well relaxed vacation without a thing to worry about